Day 4 - Something Green

So I had to get a bit creative today (but that's the point of this challenge right?) I was sitting at an airport all morning and then flying across the country this afternoon, so the chances of seeing something green were pretty slim. On my two hour drive from Denver to the school where I am recruiting for work tomorrow, I stopped at Sonic and took advantage of their happy hour. Have you ever tried one of their cherry limeades?? They are the best. If you never had one, the next time you see a Sonic you must stop and get one, you won't be sorry!

And lucky for me, guess what was in the drink :)


  1. mmmm i LOVE cherry limeades!! but we don't have a sonic near us, so it's a real treat when i get to one!

  2. Staci- It's a huge treat for me as well. The closest one to our house is an hour away. I was super excited to see it from the highway!

  3. Love the contrast in the photo! Makes me want one now :)


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