Day 3 - Clouds

So when I saw that today was to be about clouds, all I could think about were big, puffy, picture worthy, white clouds against a gorgeous blue sky. Unfortunately if you were in the Virginia area today, you know that just wasn't going to happen.

Here are the clouds I have been looking at all day.

Here's to hoping better weather is just around the corner!!


  1. I love the barn at the bottom! At least you had clouds...I had to improvise!

  2. That's about what it looked like here as well.

  3. that’s pretty much how it looks all the time here now that it’s fall..but I love it.

  4. How To Mommy - I loved your improvision!

    Tales from the Mothership and Meg- Fall is my favorite season but I really dislike the cloudy gross days.

    Our Wired Lives - There was a light rain all day, but Saturday and Sunday it pretty much poured all day!

  5. I like how you used the tree to frame the clouds


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