26 Things

In honor of my 26th birthday today, I've been inspired by some other blogs to create a list of 26 things to do while I'm 26. Some things will push me out of my comfort zone, others will hopefully serve as motivation to get things done, while others I will just sit back and cherish every moment. I hope to blog about most of these things, so I ask all of you to help keep me accountable. 

26 Things To Do While I'm 26

Continue a healthier diet and start jogging
Take a photography class of the monuments downtown
Organize all our photos
Establish a holiday family tradition for just us
Find a new hair style and color
Landscape the front yard
Visit a Smithsonian museum
Visit Monticello - Jess and I visited on a girls weekend trip
Visit Mount Vernon
Tour the White House
Finish decorating our bedroom
Get a massage
Get a mani/pedi with a girlfriend
Donate my time to a good cause
Host a wine tasting party
Bake 10 different flavor cupcakes
Finish the cake decorating class book
Make a 3 tier cake
Make fondant toppers for cupcakes
Post on the blog once a day for a month  - Check out the month of October.
Learn to take better photos for Etsy
Take a cooking class with Michael
Buy "grown up" makeup
Create 2 new items a month for Etsy
Start a gratitude journal
Go on one date a month with Michael

I'm starting this 26th year by doing what I hope to do more often, taking time for just me. I'm sitting in a local Starbucks, drinking a drink I don't often let myself get (too many calories), after I finish this post, I'm going to take out my new Kindle, a birthday present from my in-laws, and read a few chapters of a great book, before I head off to treat myself to a mani/pedi. Later tonight, I'm heading to dinner with my husband and a couple of friends.

It's a great day!!!


  1. I like this list. I'd like to do many of the same things! It's great to have goals!! :)

  2. I know you're incredibly busy this month/next month with travel - but pick one of these (or two or three) and we'll do a girls weekend and enjoy together!

  3. Jess-you pick the weekend (any weekend but Columbus Day weekend) and I'll figure out what we're going to do!!

    P.S. In case I haven't told you lately, you're the best friend a girl can have. <3


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