Do You Ebate?

I discovered Ebates right before Christmas and since I decided to do much of my Christmas shopping online this year, I decided to utilitze the Ebates site as much as I could. Well it paid off. Just for clicking through their site to the store where I was already buying something, I earned $44.08! That is free money people!!

So the question of the day, Do You Ebate? To check out their site and join for free click here.

As a disclaimer, for everyone who signs up using the link above, I earn $5.

1 comment:

  1. I do use ebates too, and have for a few years! While it's nice to get the "free money" back, I'm also a super fan of some of the discount codes I've gotten through Ebates too!

    P.S. - I'd say that's $44 to use on Pinterest projects :)


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