Last Minute Wrapping Suggestions

If you're like most of my family (don't take offense Mom, just stating a fact ;) you probably haven't even started to think about wrapping Christmas gifts yet.

I found some great inspirational photos to help make your packages stand out under the Christmas tree!

This package uses tape and paper straws to dress up plain brown kraft paper.

Use newspaper to create a flower and act as wrapping paper.

Do you have any old sheet music laying around? Use it, some bells and satin ribbon and you'll have a festive gift in no time!

How about an old or even new shirt to wrap a gift box?

Every year I choose a color scheme and wrap all of our presents using just a few colors. This year I used mostly gold. It keeps in very simple, when buying wrapping paper, ribbon and any other embellishments I use to decorate the package.

Here are our presents wrapped and ready to be given to family and friends.

The only exception is for Mike's little cousins. I will buy fun wrapping paper for them. This year I made a tower of gifts, held together by ribbon.

They are so cute...I wish someone would give me a tower of presents. :)

Happy Wrapping!


  1. You are into towers of presents... the tower from my bridal shower was 6 (or 7) high!

  2. You're right I do seem to like the towers. Your tower was 6 high, I looked at the picture.

    But isn't cool recieving so many packages, compared to one big box?

  3. HA! I figured out how to leave a comment. And I just wanted to let you know my wrapping is done. I'm way ahead of last year! They may not look at pretty as yours, but I will put this in my little brain for next year.

  4. Wow, Bethany has a blog up and running which has had several posts in as many days - and Mom figured out how to make a <3 on Facebook and leave a blog comment all in the same week. We're really making it look like we've got our lives together, ladies!

    Merry Christmas!


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