Cookies Galore!!

What better way is there to celebrate Christmas than decorations, cooking baking and friends and family visiting?

I made the decision in November to combine all of these things....it turned into what I hope is our 1st annual Christmas cocktail party. I baked for two straight weeks, decorated like crazy and celebrated with friends and family last night.

Let's start with the cookie baking, shall we?

The kitchen counters were scattered with blue and white snowflakes,

Raspberry shortbread,

which were packaged and sent home with our guests.

I also made snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter chip cookies, peanut butter cup cookies and jam thumbprints

And just because I'm thrilled with how my snowflake cookies turned out, here are some more pictures. :)

I'll let the house decorations speak for themselves. 



And of course, here are the obligated night time shots.

When the party started, I put down my camera and enjoyed the moments laughing, telling stories and make memories with family and friends! After all, that's what this season is all about right?

Merry Christmas!


  1. So glad all of your baking turned out so well! And I absolutely understand the abundance of snowflake cookie photos, they look amazing!

  2. Yay, you found the blog! Did you try the recipe I sent you? Can't wait to see if they worked for you. Next year we should plan a cookie baking/decorating weekend!


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