Taste Tested and Mom Approved

Mom, Mike and Ryan came down for the weekend to help celebrate my birthday. Mom insisted on trying Georgetown Cupcakes and boy are we all glad she did. They are so good! They ship all across the US and you won't be sorry. 

I thought it would be nice to go into DC and eat dinner and cupcakes next to the Jefferson Memorial. We stopped at Panera, picked up sandwiches and headed to Georgetown. I heard about the hour+ wait just to get into the store, so I pre-ordered online. Mom and I went into the store to pick them up and I was a little afraid to look any of the other customers in the eye. I thought we might get punched. Not only did we skip the entire line, but once we got into the store we skipped yet another line and went right to the register. Here's mom beaming in front of Georgetown Cupcakes. 

Next we headed into the city. We found a parking spot and walked to the Jefferson Memorial. Mom didn't let the bag out of her sight. 

We found a place to eat our sandwiches and then checked out the monument. Here are my favorite pictures:

We sat and enjoyed the view of DC from the front of the monument for a little while. 

None of us wanted to deal with the park police and eating food on the steps, there were signs all around saying no food allowed, so we decided to head home and enjoy the cupcakes at home. 

I of course had to take a ton of pictures before we ate any of them. So worth the cost was the consensus all around! 

Happy Birthday weekend to me! 

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