So this post may become a photo dump from the past two months, but at least it will get everyone caught on the happenings here.

My spring flowers were gorgeous this year.

My coworker and I went and toured homes and gardens around Arlington for Virginia's Garden Week. If my garden ever looks half as good of theirs I will be one happy camper! 

 The garden is planted! Hopefully soon we'll start enjoying yummy fresh from the vine tomatoes.

I finally planted my cutting garden and have started to enjoy fresh flowers in the house and on my desk at work. 


A few weeks ago we celebrated Mike's birthday. It seemed like the celebration went on for a week and a half due to him having to work at a local fair that always happens the weekend of his birthday. We went home the weekend before to celebrate with his parents. 

At his request, I made and took to the fair Boston Cream Cupcakes which were absolutely delicious! 

The weekend we were home for Mike's birthday, the Exeter Relay for Life event was going on. We went over to cheer on the Dragonflies, who ended up coming in third for the amount of funds raised!

Mom and Mike are up there somewhere. 

In some other randomness, we had two people get stuck in their trucks at our house. The first was Andrew, during a monsoon for a rainstorm. 

He ended up spending the night since they couldn't get him pulled out. The next day he dug up the huge rock that was by the apple trees so at least now there is no more concern about running over it with the lawn mower! 

A few weeks later some random guy tried to turn around in our driveway, but somehow missed the big hole on the side of the driveway. 

Thanks to a passerbyer they got him pulled out with no issues. 

Lately the dogs and I have been hanging out on the deck just enjoying the weather. 

Until next time, 


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  1. I'm so jealous that your flowers turned out so great this year! Mine got a little sad and never recovered. Looks great though!


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