Family, Food and Rain

The title pretty much sums up our Easter, but it really was a great day (even if we did all have to run for cover right after the Easter egg hunt!)

Mom, Mike and Ryan came down Friday night and helped me get ready for Sunday. Here's a peak at what we did:

I managed to get some pictures of Mom and Ryan playing Guitar Hero Saturday night!  (If you know my mother, you know how difficult it is to get a picture of her)

I think she was actually enjoying it!

I worried about the weather for days, but when I woke up it was a glorius day. You couldn't ask for better Easter weather.

I think she would have laid there for hours.

For the table centerpieces, I pulled out the tea cups that were given to me by so many family and friends for my bridal shower. Mom and I made little flower arrangements in each. And of course, you can't have Easter dinner without candy on the table, so I put different candies in even more tea cups.

Instead of using regular drinking glasses, I gave everyone their own mason jar with a paper straw. The tables were super cute and everyone seemed to love them!

We had no shortage of food!

After dinner, we had an Easter egg hunt which of course Libby was trying to get involved in again.

It was about two minutes after this picture was taken, that the skies open up and rained like crazy. So we moved the party inside for dessert and coffee.

If you have never made a cake pop, or heard of Bakerella, you need to go check out her site! They are so good and so much fun to make!

So that was our Easter. How was yours?


  1. Speaking of basement... did you ever tackle the signs you posted about before?? I can't remember exactly when you posted about it - maybe this past winter?

  2. I don't think I did. I really need to get down there over the weekend and take pictures. The problem is if I take pictures at night, they don't turn out as well as they would if take them during the day. I'll add it to my to-do list!


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