Christmas Round 2

Every Christmas Eve, Michael and I get together with my Dad's side of the family. We do dinner, presents and then we all go to the late Christmas Eve service at Grandma's church.

Grandma is always ready with a big plate of cookies!

And the tree is always looking over a large pile of presents.

Grandma received cooking classes and her very own chef's hat!

The best gift was for Aunt Beth. Aunt Annette created a book that at the end said for her to receive her present she had to find clues that were hidden around the basement and in Grandma's apartment. To help, she was able to pick two reindeer helpers, "Stupid" and "Goof Off."

Of course she picked Zach as "Good Off"

And Chris as "Stupid."

 If her helpers, weren't helping, she had a nerf gun she could use to shoot then and pick a new helper.

Chris didn't make it too long, and Gordon was picked as the next helper. 

The clues were hidden all over the place. 

And once a clue was found, there was a special treat for the helpers!

Zach didn't make it very long either. I was the next one up! Gordon was taking the job very seriously (not!). 

Living up to my new name!

Her present was in a very large box with a ton of tissue paper! She pulled out Sorry cards until she got to her gift card at the very bottom of the box.

And of course, you can't having a evening, without Jello shots made by Grandma!

We finished off the evening in church where Michael and I were married. We always sing our way into Christmas morning in a candle lit church singing Silent Night as a congregation. It's always one of my favorite memories of Christmas!

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