Shed Building

I'm getting my very own craft room! It's been in the works for a while but it's finally happening. We had only one storage room in the house and no garage, so our spare 4th bedroom has been our temporary storage room. In order to gain that space back, we have talked about building a shed since we've moved in and last weekend we made it happen. 

We started with a cleared spot in the woods, since it was the flattest area in the backyard. 

Mike had the lumber delivered and we were ready to go. 

Before Wes was able to come and help Mike and I got the base built. 

Wes and Mike got the floor laid and we were ready for walls! 

Day 2 started with a change of crew and a lumber run. Andrew came over to help finish.

They started by putting up the roof joists,

but we quickly discovered that we should have charged the batteries for all the hand tools the night before so we had to switch gears and finish the walls. 

After a quick lunch break, the batteries were charged and we ready to finish the roof!

We were racing the rain the entire 2nd day and Michael was hoping to get the shed water tight, so the boys started the doors.

Yay one door is up and it works! 

Here is where Libby sat most of the afternoon watching all the action.

This is what the shed looked like for a week.

Michael went back the yesterday and finished the doors and added a ramp. So here is how it looks finished. 

We had a lot of heavy rain this past week and the shed stayed water tight. Today we moved all of outside gardening things in and everything out of our spare room in the basement. 

Next up on the to do list, create my craft room! :) 

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