Weekend in Pictures

Wow what a busy weekend we had. (Just a warning this is a picture heavy post.) Friday was my flex day so I spent the day creating a flower bed around our patio. I couldn't be happier with the results. 

When Michael found out that I was putting in a garden out back he came up with the brilliant idea of having a rain barrel. He went on to CraigsList on Friday and found a guy selling used food barrels. He came home Friday night and put it together. I didn't get any pictures because it was getting dark and I had to hold the flash light, but I did get some cool pictures of the moon. 

Here it is the day light. Not the most attractive thing, but it works great!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day. We finally got pictures hung in the basement. 

The pool table we're getting from Michael's boss until their new house is built is going here next Friday. 

For dinner Michael made homemade pizza. It was delicious and I'll definitely be asking him to make it again,

even if he did make a mess out of my kitchen. 

Sunday we did some shopping, laid some grass seed and generally just hung out. 

And just because this is my blog and I can, here are some pictures of the pups. 

The blog will probably be quiet this week. Michael and I are going to home to PA. Michael's dad is having triple bypass surgery on Wednesday. Please keep him and the rest of the family in your prayers. 

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